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“There are soul singers, and there are singers who sing from the soul.  Samantha’s music comes from that place, and draws you in with wonderful warmth, incredible honesty and unmatched passion.”

–John Mielke – host of The Milky show 939 BOB FM


After the release of her debut album STRANGE DREAMS last August, 2012, Samantha hit the road to Nashville, TN, where she had the great pleasure of writing and performing with musicians from across North America.  Honing her craft, learning the ins and outs of the music biz, and crossing into new genres of music, Samantha returned home in December of 2012 to put into practice everything she learned.  It was a wild ride, and she can’t wait to head back to the Music City Hostel, that was home to herself and so many other young musicians making their stamp on the city.  But before she can hop on that dirty dog headed south once again, some good old Canadian adventures are at hand!


Samantha is back out on the market streets, playing tunes old and new.   The winter in Ottawa proved to be a good time time to hunker down and get to some writing, with much new inspiration from her southern journey.  Songs like BETTER THAN and DREAM IT LIKE I DO, which can be heard on reverb nation, written in Nashville with Jeffrey Steel, are examples of the new tones, feel, and power in Samantha’s music.  Holding strong to her folk roots, she has nevertheless embarked on cross genre creations, which are at times bluesy, country, folksy, rock.


The return to Ottawa has acquainted Samantha with a number of talented musicians, whom she has had the opportunity to play, write, and perform with.  Always astounded by the talent in her home town, Samantha is especially grateful to the SHINE GROUP, for the donated studio time without which her first full band project BAILIN HEY! (Jeffrey Steel – bass/vocals, Michael Goyette -lead guitar, Ben Mouchet – cajon) would not have been able to get up on its feet.  Presently playing only live, look for a first BAILIN HEY! single later this fall.